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Creation Science Museum of Canada

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Index of displays in the virtual tour

These are displays, fossils and artifacts in the collection of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, each with a brief description.  They are all available to come to your group or facility along with a presentation.

Display #1:  The Bacterial Flagella
Display #2:  Fossil Ammonite & design in nature
Display #3:  The Hydroplate globe
Display #4:  Fossil Replicas
Display #5:  Archaeopteryx Lithographica cast
Display #6:  Pot in coal
Display #7:  Hammer in creataceous rocks (The London Artifact)
Display #8:  Fossilized human finger in Cretaceous gravels
Display #9:  Fast growing stalactites
Display #10:  The Paluxy tracks, track #1, the "Becky" track
Display #11:  The Paluxy tracks, track #2 & 3, the Burdic tracks
Display #12:  The Hadrosaur skull with T-Rex bite marks
Display #13:  The Tylosaur skull
Display #14:  Hearts of organisms
Display #15: Dinosaur Egg Nests

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