Neanderthal in Chain Mail armour?

It has been brought to my attention that Mike Arehart in Idaho was the individual who found this original manuscript that so many have looked for for so long.  Mike, I know I say "Thanks!" for a LOT of people - I've been very surprised by the interest this article has generated.

Because of copyright restrictions, only portions of the original manuscript are provided here until I pin down how much of the original I can present here.  So, I chose the most pertinent pages,
Page 103  of Neanderthal report
Page 104  which includes the most pertinent description of the find
Page 120  measurements of the skull
Page 122  skull diagram
Page 123  skull photos
Page 124  skull photos
Page 125  skull photos
Page 126  end

Laurence Tisdall kindly translated the entire text which essentially starts on page 103.

Here's the entire file.