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Who I am...

I am the president of CORE Ottawa, Citizens for Origins Research and Education.  I am also the director of the Creation Science Museum of Canada, a member of Mensa Canada and the president of the International Creation Science Special Interest Group for Mensans.
I have also had extensive personal studies in Origins for about the past eighteen years.
On this home page you can see and sometimes download projects I have collected for design and tech programs, read some of my creation science notes, check out my itinery for creation science presentations or book a presentation for your church, youth or private group.

"God cannot be a figment of my imagination because He is not at all what I imagined Him to be."
-C.S. Lewis

"People prefer to believe what they prefer to be true."
-Sir Francis Bacon

"The bible does not say 'Be Ye transformed by the removal of your mind'"
-Winkie Pratney

"That's the whole problem with science. You've got a bunch of empiricists trying to describe things of unimaginable wonder."



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April 15: updated index and itinerary pages
Sept 2008: Added the blog & newsletters, auto-newsletter sign up and changed servers
Aug 2008: overhauling everything; added memorial to Dad, added news page
Mar 2008: added RSS feeds, new videos, news about CORE Ottawa
Jan 2008: added commentary in "previous science notes"
Dec 2007: quick updates on main page, added links to podcasts
May 2007: Updated main page and added links, updated "Billy's final performance" to new director's cut.
January 2007: lots of changes and added new videos to bookstore

February 2006:  Add playland page
November 2005: updated itinerary added new displays to virtual museum.
September 2005:  Added itinerary, museum conference and mammoth dig
May 2005:  Random updates, added donations page
March 2005: added on line bookstore and laundromat pages
February 2005: updated itinerary with loads of stuff, added National Creation Conference pages.
October 2004:  After a long hiatus, recovered from a massive server crash,
installed new museum virtual tour and fixed some old, dead links

Febrary 2004: Updated Itinerary December 21:  Added new "flagship" display to scientific creations
November 1:  Added Neanderthal in chain mail translation and other updates
Sept 2003:  Added mystery fossil research and updated "research" pages.

September 2003:  Truthquest shows added
August 2003:  Added fossil ID page
July 2003:  Add museum displays catalogue
April 2003:  Added Joggins trip page
March 2003:  Added three more pages to the virtual museum
March 2003:  Commentary on the Nova Show
December / January 2003:  Added page 2 to on line museum
November 2002:  Added photos of new displays, updated itinery
September 2002:  Finished and uploaded summer science note:  Joggins study.
July 2002:  Added science note (giantism part II), updated itinery, patched pages.
March 26:  Updated itinery, added personal testimony.  Switching servers.
March 5:  Updated itinery and main page
February 27:  Added cheesy picture of myself.
February 23:  Updated booking info and added booking suggestions page
February 15:  Added February 2002 science note (giantism, part I)
February 8:  Updated Itinery, revamped links page.
December 29:  Updated Itinery, building pages on transitionals encyclopedia project
December 26:  Added new science note.
November 17:  Added resistor / capacitor page (projects you can do)
November 16: Added "Consummate Creation" CDs
November 10: Updated itinery, update main web page.
October 01: rebuilt the site, replacing frames and redirections
December 27:  Updated info on "Consummate Creation" series, built TEP website.
December 12:Stuck at home due to a storm, made big, fancy header for the main page and the "science notes" pages.
October: Removed frames and revamped all pages on the site (what a job!!!)
July 14:  Added new science notes, updated several pages, removed the web page designer's forum.
May 22: Added link to video/audio series
January 15: Added proposal for Robo expo 2000.
December 7: Added windmill project.
December 4: Added PCB fabrication how-to.